January 24, 2013
What if…

What if we lived as if heaven was real? What would it look like if we actually lived like Jesus conquered the grave? What if we truly acted like the princes and princesses of the King on high? What if we really lived out our belief in our salvation? And if we truly lived out the reality that the God who created the world lived in us? 

We are princes living like paupers. We forget who we are. We live in poverty when we have inherited the kingdom of God. We’ve got eternity written on our hearts, and yet we live as if the only treasures that matter are the ones we see each day in our bank accounts, our fame, and our addictions. We delight in finding scraps in the streets, when there is a banquet that awaits. We are children of God living like orphans.

What if we truly lived the way we were meant to be? Would your life look any different? I know mine would. Let’s live like heaven is real.

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